HR – Net Payment Optimization (NEO)

Swiss Tradecon UG is a certified licensee of the ValueNet Group AG. We are consulting for more than 10 years in the area of “net payment optimization” in companies. In a first step, the employee waives a part of his gross pay compensation. In a second step, the employee will be assured contractually with various non-monetary benefits which are not taxed or only taxed with a flat rate. At the same time, these services – of which there are more than 20 legally permitted blocks – are not subject to social security contributions.

The new payment model allows the saving of labor costs, payroll taxes and social security contributions for the employer, with a concurrent increase in the net remuneration for the employee.

Sales & Marketing Advisory

Advisory services for Sales Development, Sales Management and reorganisation of Sales Structures

Mergers & Acquisitions/ M&A

Advisory services for sell-side and buy-side M&A transactions – Partner for complex processes

Corporate Finance

Advisory services for financings (debt & equity) including growth capital in sustainable and special situations

Swiss TradeCon Capital

Equity investments in companies

Swiss TradeCon Risk Management

Consultation and review of insurance law and professional security concepts in terms of actuality completeness and fair market prices